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BandFlex Home Gym
Similar to the popular Bow Flex but costs much less!

Weight Loss E-books
Below you will find some great weight loss and fitness e-books. All the e-books were created by fitness professionals and contain a lot of great information to help you in your road to fitness. Check back often for new e-books to be added.


The Ultimate Fat Burning Diet Primer  

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The Ultimate 
Weight Loss E-book







The low carb diet aka high protein diet


Pasta, chocolate, ice cream, bagels, cereal, cake, bread, donuts, tacos, hot dogs and cheeseburgers with buns - Impossible?! Not on this low carb diet! I'll show you how. Would you like to lose weight?
One low carb diet that works




Have You Given-Up on Weight Loss?
Have You Tried Program After Program With No Success?
Give the Metabolism System a try!
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