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Now it's time to get smart with the Smart Abs System. It's designed to burn fat and flatten your abs in the easiest, smartest way possible. If you can rock in a chair, then you can do Smart Abs. Itís so easy youíll keep on using it.

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Get a flat, firm stomach the fast and easy way, with AB-DOer Pro!

Which areas would you like to target?
  • Abdominals?
  • Spinal Column?
  • Lower Back Muscles?
  • Obliques (aka "those nasty love handles")?

John Abdo's AB-DOer Pro targets all of the above, and more, from just one seated position!

The Abdoer was voted as the "Most Innovative Design" at the 1998 Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association trade show, held in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the world's largest and most prestigious sporting goods convention.

Since the Abdoer is multi-dimensional, there is no limit to the movements and routines you can perform. Every time you use the AB-DOer, you'll find yourself trying something new. This knocks the boredom out of exercise and creates a challenging and enthusiastic workout! Use the AB-DOer before and after work to relieve back tension. Or, use it before playing your favorite sport, to help you stretch and warm up. The AB-DOer is especially helpful for those who sit or stand all day, or are involved in strenuous labor. It mobilizes your midsection and spinal column, providing a greater freedom of usage of your torso while eliminating those nagging back pains.

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Think traditional crunches and sit-ups are the only way to get great looking abs? Think again. Ab Swing is the breakthrough in-home ab machine designed with Swing Glide technology to contract abs from the bottom up. Simply sit and swing to sculpt lower abs, upper abs and obliques in less than 5 minutes a day! Plus, the Ab Swing allows you to sit in an upright position, off the floor, which helps strengthen your lower back - no more stress and strain from floor exercises. The Swing Guide resistance feature automatically increases the intensity of the exercise by adjusting your position on the seat. Ab Swing is fully adjustable, compact and easy to store, and made of durable all-steel construction. Product includes: Ab Swing, Sit-N-Swing Exercise Video ($20 value) and 14 Day Supply of Metabolic Optimizer. BONUS: Lean Body Design Program with 14 Day Meal Plan ($40 value).
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